As a lover of linguistics and reading, Paige has always had a passion for the language arts and travel. This passion has transformed into the business of a lifetime. Please join us on a small group guided tour of Paris.

Paige Engle is an advocate for children learning foreign languages and is devoted to helping children and adults become life-long learners. This passion resulted in the founding of several businesses including Paris by Paige.

As a world traveler, Paige has visited more than 20 countries and over 300 cities world-wide. Her corporate career in management included marketing an international travel product for a major airline and as an air transportation trainer/ supervisor. Paige and her husband, Peter are the parents of a son, Robert (who is trilingual, by the way).

Paige’s love for language, travel, culture and reading began as a child when she was placed in a French immersion school. After studying French and International Business at both Mount Holyoke and Mount Mary Colleges, Paige spent three years in France studying at La Sorbonne in Paris, and the Institute de Touraine in Tours.

In addition to reading, writing and speaking French fluently, Paige tutors children and adults in French as a Conversation Specialist and is dedicated to raising her son to be bilingual. At six years old, Robert is fluent in both French, English and has added German to the mix. Paige also has a  basic knowledge of Japanese, Spanish, Italian and is learning German.

A stirring communicator, Paige enjoys speaking to groups on:

• worldwide travel tips
• safety for women travelers
• an evening in Paris (wine/cheese/pastry/chocolate pairings)
• raising bilingual children
• importance of a bilingual education
• becoming a life-long learner
• importance of study skills
• importance of literacy

One of Paige’s greatest joys is guiding groups on personalized tours of France. This includes week and ten day tours to discover the heart, countryside, and Rivera of France. Her love for introducing others to the art, food, architecture, music, and cultures of France has transformed into the career of a lifetime. Paige’s specialty is showing others how to embrace international cultures and lifestyles. Paige also leads personalized tours worldwide throughout the year. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, travel finds & tips, and awesome products at .

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