Travel Backup Plan-Paris by Paige Blog

Do you think that it is important to have a travel backup plan whether you are traveling alone or with others.  I do!

The day for your Parisian vacation is here. Your passport is in hand and your bags are packed. All of your reservations are made and you are ready to go. The ride to the airport is quick and you breeze through airport security. You grab a large bottle of water and Greek Chicken salad for the flight and you wait patiently until Section A is called for initial boarding. Pre-boarding has begun as you do one final electronics check to be sure all of your devices are fully charged. Then it is show time, “Section A”.

You line up, secure your seat and the coveted overhead space, and get settled in for a quick 7 hour non-stop flight to Charles de Gaulle. You have done this routine 20 times before so you know the drill. It takes another 35 minutes before all of the passengers are on board and the flight attendants are doing their demo and pre-flight safety checks. The captain announces that we are ready for take-off. Here we go! About 1 hour into the flight you bring out your InStyle magazine and finally get relaxed in your seat when the captain announces, “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Captain speaking, I regret to inform you that we have seen smoke in the cockpit and are returning back to New York City immediately, please remain calm and we will keep you posted.”

Did he just say what you think he said? Yes he did. The plane safely lands back in NYC and everyone is asked to remain on board for further instructions. You find out that the arrival time in Paris will be delayed by 6 hours. But wait, you have a car waiting for you, and how do you contact the hotel? What on earth do you do next?

You may have all of your plans laid out but what do you do when there is a hiccup? It happens to the best of us, the flight is delayed and/or cancelled; the hotel is not quite what you expected; the neighborhood is scary and your host is a bit wacky. This inevitably happens to travelers every day. Having a backup plan is important and helps you remain calm. Indeed, make sure you have the extra funds, name, address and contact phone number of hotels, alternative sleeping arrangements and contacts each time you travel. You never know when you might need it.

I would also have extra copies of your Travel Documents available just in case you need them. I like to have all of my travel info in one location like an mobile app or on in a traveler’s notebook. It really does give you piece of mind to have a travel backup plan.

Do you ever travel without a backup plan?