Thank you, Erin Andrews

I just want to start off by saying, Thank You, Erin Andrews.

I do not know her personally however, I applaud her for going after her tormentors & seeking financial damages in her civil lawsuit against her stalker and the hotel property group.  She was awarded $55 million dollars by a Nashville jury recently.  I can only imagine how hard she worked to gain credibility & experience in a male dominated industry to have it violated.
I’ll admit that I know very little about sports and for those that know me, they know that my son was born on Super Bowl Sunday and on that day I was wondering what’s the big idea, I’m having a kid over here people!
But what I do know is being a road warrior traveler & living life out of a suitcase. You are exhausted and tired. You just want a hot shower and a good nights sleep. Knowing that you have to be “on” in 6 hours to do it all over again the next day. The last thing you want is for a hotel property to actively assist in you becoming a victim to a predator. This is inexcusable. The money is not the point, the real teachable moment is that hopefully now the hospitality industry will initiate training programs & think long and hard before they make a mistake like this again.   As a Safety Travel Speaker for Women, I blog  about this & always stress the importance of not revealing any of your hotel information and in this situation it was beyond her control.  And unfortunately no statistical information is being shared about attacks on women within hospitality industry.  It is time for a change.

Erin Andrews may never really have any closure as the video continues to circulate around the internet, however I hope she knows that I applaud her for standing up for herself and for safety of all traveling women. Thank you, Erin Andrews.