Surviving Long Haul Flights Blog PostI have traveled to 20 countries and I know a bit about long haul flights, so I wanted to share a few tips about surviving long haul flights with you.

My top 5 tips are:

1. Pack essentials in your carry on bag, you never know if you will be delayed or stranded.  I like to have toiletries, change of clothes, medications, electronic cord chargers and plenty of items to read.

2. Be sure to pack ear plugs, you never know who your seat mates will be and if there are other passengers talking loudly or children traveling nearby.  This way if you choose not to talk during the flight, your ear buds can be a great escape.

3. Take a small blanket or pashmina scarf.  It can get quite drafty onboard and this is an awesome way to cover your face if the lights are too bright.

4.  Be sure to secure your belongings on your person (money belt) or very close to you.  You never know if another passenger is waiting for you to fall asleep to victimized you or steal your luggage.

5. Stay healthy, by being well rested and hydrated.  Avoid alcohol if you can and eat well prior to traveling.  I also like to walk around on the flight to avoid a dangerous condition called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).  If you do find yourself not feeling well, contact a flight attendant right away.

Being prepared for surviving long haul flights takes a bit of planning & strategy.  I am sure if you follow my tips you will be jet setting around the world like a breeze.

Stay hydrated and remember no matter where you have traveled to or where you may go to next……Paris is always a good idea!