Do you have a travel must have?  I do and it has to do with staying connected.  Wi-Fi.  Yes, you read right, I must stay connected to the outside world every time I travel.

It is good to have a connection pathway back to your home and/or business. Using e-mail, text, social media and skype really simplifies the process. Most hotels and restaurants have wi-fi/internet for free or minimal cost. Be sure to ask the staff for the necessary passwords and access. Most major US hotel chains also have a business center for their guests. Check the website for details and pricing.

Free wi-fi is usually available either in your room, common areas or the hotel lobby. Protect yourself and your device with hotspot access by turning on your firewall and limiting file sharing.

Stay connected (if you want to 😉 ) No matter where you have traveled to or where you may go to next…Paris is always a good idea!

What is your travel must have?  Leave a comment below!