Book Review: I’m Too Big/Je Suis Trop Gros by Lone Morton

This was one of the first bilingual French books we owned for our son.  We have it in both hard and soft cover.  His favorite animal since birth is the elephant and that is one of the main characters in the story.  It is a story about an elephant and a giraffe and how the things that makes them different is what makes them the most special.  I love these books because it offers the story in both English and French, making it easy for parents to read the favorite story to their child, no matter the language.

ISBN: 0-7641-7189-5

The Barron’s series is available in French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Italian.  You can find several books in the series for your family.
Reading is a crucial element to foreign language learning.  Remember, no matter where you have traveled to or where you may go to next…Paris is always a good idea!