In the wake of the terrible events that have happened in my second home Paris, I just wanted to write to all of my friends & followers. My family and I are safe. It took me some me time to really process what happened. To be honest with you for the last 2 days I have been walking around in a haze of shock, disbelief and sickness. I am usually not at a lost for words however this weekend I have found myself opening my mouth to talk and no sound coming out. I am so saddened that terrorist have taken the innocence away from my beloved city; however I will not be bullied.
Some may see this attitude as foolish however I firmly believe that we cannot let them win.
I will continue to go to Paris every chance that I get & fall in love with its language and culture over & over again.

I will not lie to you all, my business has been drastically affected by this horrific event. I have received some cancellations & requests for refunds for several of my upcoming 2016 tours. I have graciously honored their requests. However this is nothing compared to the hundreds of people who lost their lives & many others wounded. I know that it will be a long road to normalcy for the City of Lights to shine bright again.
As I continue to go forward with my love of all things French, please be patient with me as I support my friends and associates overcoming this tragedy in Paris.
God Bless you all & Safe Travels,

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