Many times I am asked why I am such a foreign language evangelist and all I can reply is that it is my belief to my core that everyone should know a language other than their native tongue. No exception! And starting out early as a child can be a factor in huge success. They are never too early to start learning.

Do I think kids should learn a foreign language?

Here are my top 5 reasons why kids should learn foreign languages:

*We live in a global marketplace, in order for us to be able to compete one must know another language other than their own

*They have a greater cultural awareness of the world around them and can connect them with their own heritage/ancestry

*Children who have studied foreign languages in elementary school score higher on standardized tests in language arts, reading and mathematics

*It assists with brain and cognitive development-language acquisition is at the optimal efficiency for learning

*It increases confidence and is Super Fun!!!!!

Having started to learn French in an immersion environment at the age of five, I am a testament to the advantage it can have on your language ability and knowledge. It helps increase fluency and vocabulary. I urge you to start your children out young learning a foreign language. Please be sure to check back with me as I will be sharing some tips and tricks to incorporate foreign languages into your family’s daily lives!

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