Older Moms Unite!
I would like to share a story with you that really bothered me. The first time I only mentioned my annoyance to my husband, the second time to my closest friends and now this third time, I feel like it is time for me to address the issue at hand. I was recently shopping with my adorable 6 year old son at a big box store and some random lady says, “oh your grandson is so cute!”
Are you kidding me? I simply replied thanks and stated that he was indeed my OWN son, much to her surprise.

My Grandmother Moment!

So, For all my other older moms out there:
1)  It is incredible being a mom at my age
2)  I had a perfect pregnancy despite all of the statistics
3)  It’s ok to be not a mom at 25, I am in my mid 40’s and proud of it
4)  I don’t regret traveling the world in my 20s & 30s having been to more than 20 countries & 300 cities
5)  Getting married late in life & having an amazing career and business
6)  I love that I remember the transition from the big floppy discs to small hard drives to cds and now streaming

AND MOST OF ALL, I love that when I look into my little boy’s eyes that I can say you can be anything in the world and it will be based on life experience & having been there myself!

So when the next chickipoo tells you that your grandchild is cute, just smile & set her straight, and know that I am in your corner. I have a suitcase, passport and we will find her!!!!

I would love to here from you! Have you ever experienced this & how did you respond?

Moms are great at any age and remember……..No matter where you have traveled to or where you may go to next……Paris is always a good idea!

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