No matter where you travel there always travel scams that target tourists. I am here to protect you with my Top 5 Travel Scams.

My Travel Scam list begins with:

#1-Woman’s Ring-The person will drop a ring right in front of you and asked if you dropped it, you say no and then she will insist that you buy it from her.

#2-Friendship Bracelet-They will come up to you and forcefully put it on your wrist and insist payment or money. Another variation of this is that one person will distract you with the bracelet while the others rob you blind

#3-Train pickpockets-be extra vigilant when traveling on the Metro or Tube, especially during rush hour, these guys love packed trains full of tired workers and tourists.

Be sure to stop by for the next video where I will finish off the list of my Top 5 Travel Scams.
Be safe people & remember no matter where you have traveled to or where you may go to next….. Paris is always a good idea!

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