Have you ever had jet lag? Jet lag is basically a shake up or confusion in your biorhythmic cycle. Each person is affected differently. I am fine most days on the trip yet the second day back home is the killer for me.

My personal jet lag tips are:

*Eat light for at least 3 days prior to traveling
*Eliminate or limit your alcohol consumption
*Drink coffee with caution, too much caffeine can wreck havoc on your body and increase your jetlag experience
*Try to sleep on the airplane, earbuds/eye mask and a small blanket help tremendously. I like to sleep and rest on the flight so I always carry headphones to cancel out any surrounding noise
*Stay hydrated -drink plenty of water
*Stay active during the day, take a nice long walk through the neighborhood
*On your day of arrival it is best to stay awake as long as you can to acclimate to the local time zone, I usually recommend staying up until at least 10pm local time
*If you have to take a nap, do so around 3pm and no more than for 60 minutes just to refresh

Some people use Melatonin or Ambien however I would consult with a doctor prior to using, I have personally never taken it but many swear by it.

And lastly don’t forget to set your watch to the local time. It will make the transition much easier.

Each person is different and what may work for you may not work for your travel partners or family. Pay attention to your body & travel often.

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Merci beaucoup & remember no matter where you have traveled to or where you may go next….. Paris is always a good idea!


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