So the challenge today was to share something personal, so here are :
10 Things About Me.

1. I love to READ!!! (print and digital)

2. I’ve been speaking French since I was 5 years old (dabbled in Japanese, Italian, Spanish and German)

3. My favorite show is The Golden Girls (you know you love them too)

4. I make a mean Jambalaya

5. We homeschool our amazing son

6. I love wearing Dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. My favorite airplane cocktail is a mixture of orange and cranberry juices on ice (I know, I know; it sounds gross yet it is soooooooo yummy. Give it a try)

8. I’ve traveled to over 20 countries and 300 cities worldwide (most of them solo)

9. My husband and I went to a surf school in Costa Rica for our honeymoon &  I stood up FIRST!

10. I make it a point to LAUGH everyday

What is a fun fact about you?