What is the one fashion item that epitomizes Paris? Scarves. They can be silk, wool, cashmere and cotton. They can be long, short, square and oblong. They can even be smooth or fringed. Scarves are worn by women, men, children and of course the occasional dog. I have adapted this Parisian staple into my wardrobe and would love to share my favorite scarf look with you. This quick video on ‘How to tie a Parisian Scarf” is here to help you incorporate scarves into your style as well. I hope you enjoy this tutorial!
À Bientôt!


*Find your favorite scarf. ( I like working with squares personally)
*Fold the scarf in half to make a triangle.
*Next fold the tip of the triangle to the top of the fold.
*Fold in half again to desired width. (you will have a long tube)
*Place the scarf evenly in both hands so that the center of the scarf is aligned with the center of your neck.
*Put the scarf on going towards the back and loop both ends back around to the front.
*Secure the scarf with one simple tie on one side.
*Complete the look with a second vanity knot for flair.


Fantasique! You just learned ‘How to tie a Parisian Scarf”. No matter what your style remember that….Paris is Always a Good Idea!