The Soldier's Chapel of Les Invalides via The Soldier’s Chapel of Les Invalides via[/caption%5D

In 1676, Louis XIV commissioned architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart to build a chapel where war veterans could pray.  This would become a military church: a sanctuary made for soldiers, forever known as The Soldiers Chapel.  A glass wall separates this church from the Église du Dôme, the royal family’s church where Louis XIV privately worshipped.  The walls are lined with the hundreds of banners captured by the French army over the centuries of battle. The entire museum is pretty cool for any military buff.

Tip : Every May 5th a commemorative mass is held here on the anniversary date of the Emperor Napoleon’s death.

Address: 129 rue de Grenelle, 7e, +33 (0)1 44 42 43 87
Metro: La Tour Maubourg/Invalides/Varenne