Yellow Pepper & Raspberry pudding @ Le Pre Verre Restaurant, 5éme
Yellow Pepper & Raspberry pudding @ Le Pre Verre Restaurant, 5éme

French gastronomy is known the world over for its great cuisine.  Living in France has truly made me food snob and I have to say that I am quite proud of it.  I LOVE awesome and flavorful food and I make it a point to eat amazing meals wherever I travel in the world.

The main meal in France used to be at lunch yet now it is at dinner time.  Families (adults and children) eat the dinner meal together to discuss the day’s events which is served between 8:00pm and 11:00pm.

The meal generally has three courses, hors d’œuvres, plat principal and cheese and/or dessert plate offerings.  This is usually accompanied with wine, mineral water and bread.  The food is fresh, colorful and cooked to perfection.

Table manners are typically more formal in France than in America.  With the increasing changes of women working outside the home, some French meals have been properly adjusted to a quicker two course version instead.  Sunday lunch is usually longer surrounded by family and friends either at home or in a restaurant.  Bon Appétit is said before each meal (roughly translated into “Enjoy your meal”).

Tip:  Wait to be told to start when the main course is served, the French eat while the food is hot and do not wait until everyone else has been served to begin.