Luxembourg Gardens
Luxembourg Gardens


Please check with your private insurance carrier for international coverage details as Private, Medicare and Medicaid may not cover any costs that happen abroad.  If you are a student there very well may be some coverage provided in your program, thus eliminating an extra expense.  You may have to buy a student coverage package and that is usually included with your student identification card.  France has a highly subsized health care system and services are generally cheaper in France.

Always carry your prescription medication in your carryon bag and with you at all times.

Tip:  Get the generic name of your prescriptions as brand names vary from country to country.

Major Tip:  The US Embassy usually has a downloadable list online of English speaking doctors.http://france.usembassy.govl
or you can call the Office of American Services at

Note:  Travel insurance (general) is another topic, I promise to address it in a future post.