Traveling with Electronics
Traveling with Electronics

I travel with my electronics all the time.  They are the lifeblood of my business and my family connections.  I use both Zagg and Otterbox to protect my devices when traveling.  Not only should you have an adapter, you will also need a currency converter so that your devices do not get fried.  I use the Apple World system, which includes cords for most countries around the world with no problem.  I also use a separate makeup bag for all of my cords and chargers and ALWAYS keep this in my carryon bag.  Don’t forget to carry extra batteries if your equipment requires it.

Tip: Voltage Chart
North America            100-125 volts
Europe                         220-240 volts
Asia                             100-220 volts
Latin America             110-220 volts

Major Tip:  Most US major airports have free charging stations, my advice once you hit the airport is to go to the restroom, grab a bite to eat and stake claim to one of the plugs as long as you can prior to boarding your international flight.  This way all of your devices will be fully charged for the long haul trip.