Place du Terte Montmartre
Place du Terte , Montmartre

There are pickpockets everywhere in Europe and especially near tourist attractions.  Paris is not immune to these thieves.  There are ways to protect yourself yet nothing is absolute.  I always recommend using a money belt.  It is very important that you do not have all of your valuables in one place.  I place my cash for the day in one pocket and credit cards in my money belt or hotel safe. Be aware of your surroundings, at the ATM machines, on the Metro, waiting in long tourist attraction lines and in crowded areas.  If a group of people suddenly approach you try to get out the area as quickly as possible. There are posted signs and be sure not to touch your valuables when you see the sign as the criminals are usually waiting nearby watching where you place your hands.  It is possible to have a great time traveling in Europe, just keep your wits about yourself!!

Tip: Be the most vigilant you can be at all times!!

Major Tip:  Set up spending limits with your bank ahead of time to alert them to possible fraud.