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There are literally dogs everywhere in France (sort of).  There are big ones and little ones, white ones and black ones.  Dogs are even allowed to come into restaurants, cafes and shops.  It is not uncommon to see them running around or sitting discreetly at their master’s feet while they dine.  It is amazing to me the under the table etiquette these dogs possess.  There are some restrictions regarding parks; which is completely the opposite of the United States as there are no formal dog parks in Paris.  Some may say that you have to watch where you step as the pooper scooper mindset is not a priority in Paris, so be prepared to look down.

If you happen to be traveling with your best friend please be aware of the no dogs signs, even on a leash that seem to appear out of nowhere.  Also be forewarned that large dogs are not permitted on the Métro, RER or buses and some taxis may refuse to take you.  I would advise you to have an alternative mode of transportation on standby.  I am happy to report that a wide variety of hoteliers do allow dogs so be sure to ask and get the confirmation and details in writing.

Tip: Two dog friendly Paris parks that are my favorites include the Luxembourg Gardens and Parc Montsouris, on a leash bien sûr!

Luxembourg Gardens [RERB-Luxembourg]:  It has a dog allowed section on the east side and has special entrances for our four legged friends.

Parc Montsouris [Metro-Glacière, ligne 6]: There is a lovely cafè, lake and plenty of space for Fido to run around.