Splendor of Paris Tour

  We just added another tour date! October 17-24, 2014! Come and join me!
Paris Park Chairs at the Luxembourg Gardens

Paris Park Chairs

When one thinks of a relaxing chair, you usually think of comfort and coziness, the huge recliner at Grandma’s house, yet that is not...

Polyglot Love

Did you know that we love languages in our house? So much so that we are showing our polyglot love all over the place!...
Luxembourg Garden with the Tour Montparnasse in the distance

Top 5 Gardens in Paris

I have always had a love for flowers and lovely gardens.  As a student at the Sorbonne, I made it a priority to visit...
Super Yummy Crêpes on the streets of Paris

Yummy Crêpes

I love French Crêpes! Don’t you?
Paris Toy Shop Window

Lèche-Vitrine (Window Shopping in Paris)

I so enjoy the act of lèche-vitrine in Paris.  Window shopping to us yet literally translated into “window licking”.  Well let me tell you that...